Create a Modern Tea Ceremony

Japan’s beautifully intricate tea ceremonies are famous the world over. To try your own version of this beautiful part of Japanese culture, invite your best friends over and treat them to your very own modern tea ceremony.

A modern twist

Tea ceremonies are becoming more popular with young people in Japan. Lots of youngsters break with tradition by using manga- decorated tea cups instead of fine crockery. Why not put a modern twist on your tea ceremony by using your own quirky cups and tea sets?

Get artsy

A big part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony is for the host to display a piece of simple calligraphy or art on a scroll for their guests. Give this a modern twist and grab your tablet, download a sketchbook app and let your inner Picasso out. Why not take turns hosting the ceremony and add to the same drawing at each event?

What to serve

It’s customary to serve matcha tea at a traditional Japanese ceremony, but don’t feel bound by tradition. In a modern ceremony, you can use any blend: try delicate new flavors like Lipton Passionfruit Coconut green tea, Orange Blossom Hibiscus herbal tea, or Peach Mango white tea.

Share the love

In a traditional ceremony, the host should expect to be complimented on the tea served, the table presentation and crockery – lucky you! Spread the joy by asking your guests to take pictures and send them to the group, or share them on your favorite social channels. Your social pics might inspire other friends to try their own tea ceremony.

Throwing a modern tea ceremony gives you a peek into Japanese culture, as well as the chance to do something fun for your friends – we’ll raise a cup to that.