5 Delicious International Tea Party Food Ideas

Travelling to other countries is a wonderful way to feed our souls, but you don’t need to leave on a jet plane to get a taste of the globe: throwing an international tea party and serving food to match is something all your friends will love.

Check out our tea party food ideas from around the world, so you can start planning yours…

1.       Japan

Japanese tea parties are a beautiful event, so it’s only natural that they serve the most delicately-made treats called wagashi. These small, colorful sweets made from plant ingredients come in a huge variety, including rice cakes called mochi, pancakes filled with red bean paste, and sticky dumplings.

Flavors are subtly sweet, and go perfectly with green tea. Check out your local Asian food market to find some. For a simpler option, pair your green tea with some delicious fresh strawberries.

2.       China

Yum cha: even the name sounds tasty. This is Chinese afternoon tea, and involves a selection of dim sum to enjoy. Try it with steamed buns and dumplings that have either sweet or savory fillings. Simple noodle dishes and root vegetable stir fries are also ideal for light flavors that won’t clash with the tea being served.

3.       Argentina and Brazil

Give your tea party a Latin twist with a gaucho theme. Start by serving your tea out of a traditional wooden gourd, then move on to a menu of South American classics. Finger foods are a must when putting together a Latin-style feast, so serve staples like fried plantain, Brazilian cheese bread or diced pineapples. If you want to make something a little heartier, try a pork and bean stew.

4.       Russia

Serving Russian tea time food is a hearty affair and great if you have plenty of mouths to feed. Start by serving pie or pancakes filled with meat and cabbage. Still have room after that? Move on to sweet treats like pastries, jams, chocolate, or sweet pancakes. At the end, to be truly Russian, serve a selection of fresh or canned berries.

5.       Morocco

You’re completely spoiled for choice when it comes to Moroccan tea time snacks. Many of the traditional foods enjoyed with tea can be made sweet or savory, such as fresh pastries filled with cheese, olives, or pistachios. Or try crunchy, cookie-like fekkas that can be made either spicy or more like biscotti. Satisfy your sweet tooth some more with an orange and pink grapefruit dessert salad. Don’t forget to stock up on mint tea, though – no Moroccan tea party starts without it.

Getting hungry yet? You don’t have to be a master chef to try these international treats, and many can be found in supermarkets. The important thing is to have fun trying new flavors from around the world.