How to Plan the Perfect Tea Party for Your Birthday

Why not try a tea party for a fun way to celebrate your birthday this year? Throwing a tea party is an awesome way to get all of your friends in one place and the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

Always be prepared

First thing’s first, you’ve got to get those invites out early and make sure all the people you care about can make it to your big day. If you’re mailing your invitations, why not sprinkle some chamomile tea flowers into the envelope for a fragrant and fun surprise?

Par-tea on down!

No matter how old you’re turning, you’re never too old to play games at a birthday party. If you’re a big kid at heart, play party games with your guests. These are just two of our favorites:

1.       Put your noses to the test by placing five different tea bags on a plate, having people guess which variety they are. Do it by appearance, aroma, taste, feel… anything is fair game.

2.       For the athletic among you there’s the teabag toss: hand each of your guests a teabag and place two or three teapots a few feet away from them. Whoever throws their teabags in to the furthest pot gets a prize.

How do you take yours?

The best thing about a tea party birthday is that you can theme it any way you like. Here are four fun themes that will make your tea party one-of-a-kind.

1.       Feeling traditional? Break out the fine china, polish up your best cutlery and go for the refined British afternoon tea vibe.

2.       Or how about putting a modern twist on a classic and throwing a Mad Hatter’s tea party? This would be the perfect excuse to get whimsical and playful by mixing up your tea pots, putting your quirkiest tablecloth down and even having a card game or two. Or you could really dazzle your guests and make cookies decorated like playing cards.

3.       Here’s an idea that your artsy friends will love: buy some plain white teapots and cups and let your guests decorate them (just make sure to use edible finger paints). It’s a totally fun way of getting everyone involved in the festivities and will make custom souvenirs for all your pals. Maybe leave out the glitter to avoid having a sparkly carpet for months later, though.

4.       Does your birthday fall near any major events? Take advantage of this: have a Super Bowl tea party that serves signature foods from where the two teams are from or a spooky Halloween party where you can really let loose with the decorations.

Go alfresco!

Who wants to be stuck inside on their birthday? If the sun’s out then you should be too! Grab a picnic blanket and move your party outdoors.

If the weather’s really hot, serve iced tea to keep your friends nice and cool. If your yard is big enough, try having different parts of the tea party in different areas - tea and scones in the shade of a tree, then maybe ice cream in the sun.

What’s on the menu?

Happy guests mean a happy tea party – and that means having a tea menu that’s got something for everyone. For a menu that covers all bases it’s best to get a variety of teas and try matching up different teas with different foods.  

You and your guests will be pleasantly surprised at just how many wonderful foods taste even better with the right blend of tea in your cup. For example, complement your favorite dessert with a flavored white tea like Peach Mango or Blueberry Pomegranate.


As you can see there are plenty of tea party ideas for adults. Whatever you do, the most important thing to remember is to just have fun with it.  And remember, there’s no better birthday blend than good friends and good tea!