Good Things Do Come in Smaller Packaging

Millions of tea lovers around the world enjoy the delicious, bold taste of Lipton Teas every day. But have you ever wondered how much unnecessary paper is wasted on all those tea sleeves? Turns out, it’s enough to circle the Earth 4 times if they were laid end to end.

That’s why the new Lipton family-size packaging uses over 40% less materials than the previous ones. To reduce our environmental footprint, we’ve removed the individual paper wraps and made the boxes more compact. The new and improved packaging is easy to open and keeps each batch fresh with no extra paper waste for each tea bag. You may be asking yourself, “How does the tea stay fresh without the individual wrapping?” Good question. Surprisingly enough, the paper envelopes don’t provide a freshness seal like most people think since they’re not airtight. The fresh flavor in our teas is actually locked in through our crafting process, ensuring your last pitcher is as tasty as the first. This means, you can enjoy the same great-tasting teas you’ve come to love—and feel good about choosing Lipton for you, your family and friends.